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Yoga Solidarity... A time for yourself offered to others

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All support begins with humility before the one I want to accompany and that is why I must understand that helping is not wanting to master but wanting to serve.

Søren Kierkegaard

Do you want to offer a teaching, animation or service on a voluntary basis to raise funds for the benefit of solidarity actions supported by Yoga Solidarity...

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Benevolence in each of our actions, each of our thoughts and our words, nourishes feelings of love, joy and peace for the well-being of all.

You want to become a volunteer, in France or abroad (Kenya, Nepal, Island of Madagascar), it is possible to welcome you.
You wish to participate in a solidarity action organized by Yoga Solidarity, or to propose a similar action, we are at your disposal

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“You should think of give-and-take as a natural exchange, something that just happens”

Chögyam Trungpa

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To meditate comes from the Latin mederi which means to take care, like doctor, medicine, remedy.

Practice Yoga Nidra: 4 practices in free access

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"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Compassion in action

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Yoga Solidarity

A non-profit, humanitarian association, whose head office is located in Quimper in Brittany, France.

Its purpose is :

  • to raise funds to support humanitarian causes and any situation of emergency, distress, misery, related to survival, health and education, at national and international level,
  • to organize solidarity actions in partnership with associations, foundations, public institutions, private companies, schools, and others pursuing similar objectives, in France or abroad,
  • the transmission of the teaching of yoga, and also any other teaching or service activity making it possible to raise funds to finance the statutory object of the association.

The principle of each solidarity action is to voluntarily give an education or a service in return for which the recipient offers a monetary donation. The funds collected are donated to structures that work in humanitarian and solidarity in favor of poor populations and vulnerable or weakened public.

Participating in these actions is both receiving and giving, it is taking time for yourself offered to others.

It is inspired by the principle of “SERVE, LOVE, GIVE, MEDITATE, REALIZE” popularized in the West by the grand Hindu spiritual master Swami SIVANANDA Saraswati, doctor, teacher of Yoga and Vedanta, author of more than 200 books.

Participing in these actions is bove giving and receiving, it’s…… taking time for yourself wich is also offered to others.

Welcome – Namaste


distribution alimentaire 2023

Collection and food distribution 2023

Collection and food distribution 2023 Participation in yoga classes is free. Everyone, in conscience, contributes to the collection of funds which are donated for humanitarian...

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Collected since 2015 for our beneficiaries





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