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Yoga Solidarity... A time for yourself offered to others

Collection and food distribution 2023

    Collection and food distribution 2023

    Participation in yoga classes is free. Everyone, in conscience, contributes to the collection of funds which are donated for humanitarian actions. The spirit of solidarity and altruism, as well as access to knowledge, are the foundations on which the Yoga Solidarity association was built and which it wishes to share with its members and donors. This is why she chose to make “A time for yourself offered to others” her motto.

    At the end of 2023, Yoga Solidarity distributed more than 4,700 euros of goods (food and hygiene products) to the five local structures in which solidarity yoga classes are given: :

    • Les Restos du Cœur
    • Secours Populaire Français
    • the Municipal Social Action Centers of Pluguffan, Plomelin et Ergué-Gabéric


    The packages consisted of :

    • Carrefour Shopping Center products
    • cans from the Chancerelle company in Douarnenez
    • packet coffee from the company Hermine Gourmande

    THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this success

    Whatever the amount of your contribution, thank you very much for your generosity.