The board and the teachers

The bureau is composed of 7 members:

  • Chair : Martine MOAL, Pouldreuzic (29)
  • Treasurer : Monique GUILLOU, Quimper (29),
  • Secretary : Marie-Claire BAHUAUD, Ergué-Gabéric (29),
  • Christine CAMUS, Concarneau (29),
  • Sébastien CHATEL, Plomelin (29
  • Marguerite CHAPALAIN, Quimper (29),
  • Sylvie PERENNEC CLEMENT, Quimper (29)

bureau yoga solidarity

Yoga teachers:

They are all graduated and volunteers to teach yoga, each in accordance with his/her source of teaching methods, in the spirit of “Unity in diversity, in service to others.”

In weekly classes : Marie-Claire Bahuaud, Sébastien Chatel, Antoine Matthys

Occasionally : Christine Camus, Françoise Roux, Valérie Pasquier

Welcome to any other yoga teacher, or from any other discipline, who wishes to strengthen the team of volunteers.

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