The aims of the association

YOGA SOLIDARITY is a non-profit, humanitarian organization, whose headquarters are located in Quimper in Brittany, France.

It is aimed at all publics, without discrimination, and its actions are outside of all political and religious currents. It was created on June, 12th 2015. Its board is composed of 7 members, all volunteers and involved for many years in the practice or teaching of yoga, or in service of others.

Its purpose is:

  • to raise funds to support humanitarian causes and any emergency, distress, misery, related to the survival, health and education, at the national and international levels,
  • to organise solidarity actions in partnership with associations, foundations, public institutions, private companies, schools, and others pursuing similar objectives, in France or abroad,
  • the transmission of teaching yoga, and also any other activity teaching or services to raise funds to finance the registered object of the association.

The principle of each solidarity action is to give a voluntary teaching or service in return for which the recipient offers a donation of a pecuniary nature. The funds collected are donated to structures working in the humanitarian and solidarity field in favour of destitute populations and vulnerable or weakened publics.

Participating in these actions is both receiving and giving, it is taking time for oneself offered to others.

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