T’es C@p school

Yoga solidarity supports the association  “T’es C@p which fights descholarisation of children and teenagers in Quimper area. The association shows its determination to help on a local level to a population that is dropping out of school or that has many learning disabilities, in order to help those youngsters and their families to ease its way into their environment. They do it in three different ways:

  • by donating to T’es C@p the funds raised through the weekly yoga classes,
  • by animating workshops for young people, parents and volunteers from T’es C@p to help them discover the tools of yoga,
  • inviting participants to yoga classes to become a volunteer in the association T’es C@p to help young people in difficulty.

The funds collected by yoga solidarity and donated to T’es C@p contribute:

  • To the operation of the association T’es C@p,
  • To participate in the financing of the civic services that intervene in the home of the young,
  • To the animation of “educational cafes” and “about” (lectures) for volunteers and families,
  • To the purchase of teaching materials.

Solidarity between associations:

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