Kenya, Maasai tribe

Yoga Solidarity has been supporting the Quimper association since 2017 Breizh Solidarité Maasaï  to help the Maasai population in Kenya.

This partnership has made it possible to:

  1. to finance works to access water among the Maasai people (School of Rombo and village of Enkusero),
  2. to provide support to the school operations for destitute children in Nairobi and Maasai territory,
  3. to bring food aid to some known families in Maasai territory during the Covid-related pandemic of spring 2020.



1- At the end of 2017, we have chosen to contribute to the drilling of a well at the Rombo school (with no water supply other than rainwater) which has more than 600 pupils. In January 2019, we inaugurated the installation of 8 taps at the school (one per class) and a water kiosk for the village women for cooking and gardening.

Before the drilling began, the children of the school participated in a ceremony of Respect for the Earth.

Video School of Rombo Maasai 2018


2- And we have decided to support since 2019 three schools to help :

  • feeding the children every day and providing them with the necessary medical care,
  • to participate in the salary of teachers, the equipment and rental of the premises of Alice and Helias’s school, and the construction of the roof of Moses and Naomi’s school.

Alice’s school in Nairobi

It hosts 180 children: orphans or alone with their mothers; some of them are taken in from the slums. Alice also has rooms available for visitors, which provides additional income for the school. At any time it is possible to volunteer for the school and the children.

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