2 shared islands (Reunion and Ste Marie)

Since 2019, Yoga Solidarity has been supporting the association 2 shared islands with whom we are in regular contact thanks to a volunteer member on site in Reunion Island. In 2019, this help has enabled us to facilitate access to healthcare and in 2020 to participate in a food distribution for the most destitute.

Testimony of the creators Hervé and Nathalie CONNEN de KERILLIS

Created in 2005 by these two health professionals (physiotherapist and psychomotrician), who work regularly on Sainte Marie Island in Madagascar, the association works to make being treated a reality and a right. Their project to create a dispensary in the bush and to send medical equipment to the Sainte Marie Hospital has come to fruition and continues to develop. A look back at their journey presented in 2016 on https://fr.ulule.com/partage-a-madagascar/

  • A short history of the Association Deux iles en Partage: 10 years of missions

Living in Reunion Island, we made some family tourist stays (with our 4 children) in Sainte Marie Island of Madagascar and we had a crush on this Island and its population. Gradually we became aware of the difficulties of the daily life of the inhabitants of this small island and especially of their inability to access medical care.

We have been particularly affected and outraged by the inequalities in care between our two islands, even though we are only a short distance away from 800 kms !! So we decided to create our Two Islands Sharing” Association in 2005 to try to reduce this unacceptable gap. Based in the central part of the island, we carry out very frequent missions, provide essential consultations and deliver free appropriate treatment. Many patients come from the surrounding villages and sometimes from much further afield (up to 400 people per week).

For the past 10 years, the balance sheet of our actions has resided in a few figures:

  • between 80 and 100 patients per consultation day
  • 75 kgs of medicines and small medical devices for each mission
  • tens of kilometres on foot or even by pirogue for the patients.
  • and a few thousand euros for logistics (plane tickets, Malagasy interpreter, material transport…), for financial aid for medical examinations, transfers and hospitalization of patients…

Known and recognized by the population as well as by the local health and administrative authorities (the Association “Deux Iles en Partage” is in the process of finalizing a Headquarters Agreement on the Malagasy territory with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs giving it the status of local NGO), we are more and more motivated and involved, eager to develop our actions again and again!!!

In Sainte Marie, no social security cover, no carte vitale…everything is PAID for.

The Malagasy population is one of the most underprivileged in the world and 80% of the inhabitants live below the poverty line. The salary is from 1 to 1.5 euros / day but the price of medicines is almost the same as in France. Either treatments up to 40 euros for more specific antibiotics. The equivalent of more than a month’s salary…

Also, in view of the growing scale of needs and the impossibility for the majority of people to treat themselves, it becomes URGENT to be able to take care of more and more people throughout the year.

Testimonial 2019 As of today, the dispensary is fully equipped (we have just finished the construction of an outside toilet for the patients) and provides daily consultations, as we wished, with 60 to 70 patients per week. The return of the inhabitants is very positive, all of them have the small amount of money requested, which allows them to receive the medicines that are so difficult to obtain.We have also financed patients who need surgery: operation of a patient (in the hospital of Sainte Marie) very weakened because of a fibroma that has been evolving for several years but not operated due to lack of means (90€), taking care of the hospitalization and surgical expenses (in the hospital of Tamatave) of a woman suffering from breast necrosis (100€).

That’s why your help is still and always so precious to us, ESSENTIAL! Enabling these people to access vital care such as these operations that they cannot even consider. If we count that 100 euros corresponds to 3 months of average salary, an operation would be equivalent to about 4500 euros for a European.

The latest advances planned, the equipment of the dispensary in photovoltaic panels to have electricity and improve the comfort of care, while respecting the environment and being self-sufficient in energy (although nothing replaces the beautiful light of the candle!!!). And the meeting with the Mayor of Ste Marie who assured us of his support and will intervene with the customs authorities to facilitate, FINALLY, the routing of all the material that we have been patiently storing for a year for the hospital, that is to say 12 beds and mattresses, 21 wheelchairs, 10 chairs, pots and 25 boxes of various medical consumables.

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