Ram’s children

The association ” Ram’s Children “is the French-speaking relay of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir.
Of general interest, it allows the SAYM to publicize its activities in France and throughout the Francophonie, to develop its influence, while gradually developing new activities and various services, such as the full yoga events and retreats, among other things.

Child Sponsorship

Winter 2019-2020 – after a year of work, the Children of Ram can finally offer the child sponsorship of the Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir. Fruit ofa very particular context, the universal sponsorship The proposed programme is developed in the same spirit as universal parenthood as practised in the ashrams: each parent who comes to live with his or her child or children, either in Kathmandu or in Terai, is invited to become a universal father or mother, to develop the same responsible and supportive attitude towards all children, and to offer to all the same universal love of father or mother, a full love-giving, without attachment or privilege.

A sponsorship charter is thus proposed to each sponsor.

Gifts related to the daily life of the ashrams

Les Enfants de Ram allows everyone, in France or elsewhere, to enter into the life of the ashrams: donations correspond to specific expenditures that SAYM faces throughout the year, such as the price of a ton of rice, winter clothes for a child, a warm duvet or the furnishing of a room.

In the same spirit, a system of don-loan-exchange is proposed to assist in the construction of the guest-house in Kathmandu. It will allow to welcome visitors with a comfort more appropriate to Western habits: hot water, heated room in winter, adapted kitchen, etc… Above all, this construction will make it possible to free up an entire floor of the main building and will offer a few young girls their own room after years of living at 7 or 8 per room, when it was not 12 to 15 during the 3 years following the earthquakes of 2015.

Happymalaya Travel

The association supports Happymalaya trips that she’s behind it. Implemented over a period of 3 weeks by our partner Le Monde en Rendez-VousA French travel agency specializing in India and soon Nepal, they allow you to meet the ashrams and their inhabitants, to have a very privileged time with Ramchandra, which is very rare, and to discover Nepal.

On this occasion, each year the association implements the Collectors’ Day Prank to support any SAYM project.

Ram Publishing

In the spring of 2019, Ram’s publishing house was established to self-publish the book.  Ramchandra, the Child of the Himalayas “, an autobiography narrated by Ramchandra and written by Abel Millot. All readers are unanimous: it is an incredible story, deeply moving and inspiring, beautifully written, which invites us to engage more intensely with the essential and the gift of self.

Web Portals

In the spring of 2020, Children of Ram will complete the implementation of the web portals in French and English of Sri Aurobindo Yoga Mandir presenting SAYM of course, but also the 100% solidarity trek agency. Auronepal Travel & Trek, l’CEDI 2020the major international meeting on tomorrow’s education, and the photo and video galleries.

www.saym.org : 140 pages – Nearly 500 photos – About twenty videos

SAYM Magazine

In the spring of 2020, together with the young people of SAYM, the association Les Enfants de Ram is implementing a bi-monthly magazine: “AuroMag”, the first issue of which will be available on the SAYM web portal in June 2020.

Videoconferences and other web-activities

Also in the spring of 2020, with Ramchandra and the older young people of SAYM, the association is working to set up activities and services via the internet :

  • web-conferences and webinars
  • in-depth web-readings of texts written by Mother and Sri Aurobindo
  • Sanskrit webcourse
  • Web-bhajans – mantra chanting – with some children and young people
  • and so on

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