Discovery of India, April 2016

The association Yoga Solidarity took part in the workshop “Discovery of India” organised in Social Center Centre des Abeilles in Quimper (Finistère) on April, 26th 2016.

We published 2 articles in the Terre Noire local newspaper, “L’écho de la Butte”.

And we had two “Mandala” workshops:

What is a mandala?

Mandalas are drawings, or symbolic shapes of Indian origins athat show perfect symmetry. We can color, paint or embellish them with material such as sand, rice or flowers. The making of a mandala is a fascinating activity for people of all ages. Adressed like a game by youngsters, it can become a genuine meditation media for grown ups.

The word “Mandala” simply means “circle”. Doing mandalas helps concentrating, focusing, as well as taking part in a collective work. It is an activity that develops dexterity and finesse a lot; precision in the movement improves with respiration control. It brings serenity and makes way for a lot of creativity.

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